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Papierboksdrukwerk moet fokus op die samesmelting van praktiese en veiligheid

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The paper box is to better protect the product. As an external packaging paper product to protect the product, the paper box is no longer limited to the protection of the product, but also plays a role in the promotion of the product to a large extent. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of carton printing. Die professionele persoon Sjina druk maatskappy can design and produce an exquisite matching product outer packaging box, which will greatly improve the grade and specifications of the product itself. Carton printing usually highlights the product itself with its exquisite shape and good color decoration. 

The use of green printing in papier boks druk is the general trend. Printing must have the awareness of environmental protection. This is the consciousness that Sjina drukkeryy must have. Applying it to actual production is a manifestation of social responsibility. Vigorously promote resource conservation and energy reuse, and realize the economic anti-corruption cycle. The importance of papier boks printing in the composition of products is also urged to categorize the products according to the name of the product when producing printed cartons, such as gift boxes, wine boxes, Chocolate boxes, medicine boxes, pencil boxes, food packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, stationery boxes, etc. Now it has evolved into wood, paper and other materials mixed together to produce. Packing box function: to ensure the safety of the product during transportation, to improve the grade of the product, etc. Main materials: Dutch board, gray board, density board, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc. It is necessary to fully consider the protection of the earth, the environment, and the protection of people's health, and the practicability and safety should be fully integrated into the paper feed box printing. The most common problem in papier boks printing is color difference. Today's papier boks printing is done by many drukkers in China, through four-color printing. However, with the advancement of science and technology, people’s awareness of green environmental protection has increased. A gradual spreading trend has penetrated into all areas of the printing industry. At many printing industry trade fairs held recently, green printing is flooding all corners of the trade fair with an unstoppable trend. In terms of sense, the effect is not inferior to traditional printing, and it is more three-dimensional than it.