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Issues that should be considered for catalogue printing

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korporatiewe katalogus printing--In recent years, the demand for the printing industry has been increasing. Many companies have a greater demand for persoonlike katalogus druk products. As a relatively common type of printing product, if you want to get high-quality printing results, you need boek drukkerye no matter where they are. In the printing process, or in the printing technology, there must be good quality control. Especially in the key links of katalogus druk, the quality must be strictly controlled in order to obtain the ideal printing effect. Let's talk about this issue with you below.


In the process of printing and producing corporate brochures and kataloguss, how to keep the "bleeding position" is a problem that needs to be paid attention to. The bleeding position here mainly refers to how much area should be reserved in the printed product for the edge of the printed content. In most cases, the retention of the printing bleeding position is generally 3MM. Of course, some customers have some special requirements, and the size of the bleeding position must be adjusted. Therefore, under the premise of complying with the printing principle, we must try our best om te voldoen aan die behoeftes van kliënte.

When reserving bleeding positions in katalogus druk, some details must be considered. For example, the reserved bleeding positions may look natural visually. The purpose of reserving bleeding positions is to avoid cutting. It causes the phenomenon that the background color (white border) is exposed. If you cut too much, the content of the layout will be cut off, and the finished product will become smaller. Therefore, leaving a "bleeding position" in addition to satisfying the function, it is best to consider its vision of the effect in catalogue printing, especially the color requirements of katalogus printing is relatively low, because the key link of katalogus printing products is content and text, how to arrange and layout the printed text and content reasonably is the consideration for the printing products of corporate brochures and kataloguss.

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