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Hoe om die koste van tydskrifdruk effektief te verminder?

Tyd: 2021-09-09 Hits: 21


Magazines are mostly sold in newspaper retail locations. Although network technology has developed rapidly in the past ten years, magazine printing products, as a type of casual reading products that people usually need, have always occupied a certain share in the printing market. Although die modetydskrif druk is exquisite and admirable, the price of a magazine is very high. Many magazine printing manufacturers regard how to effectively reduce the cost of magazine printing as an important thing. Then, how to effectively reduce the cost of magazine printing?


Under normal circumstances, if you want to effectively reduce the production cost of magazine printing, you can start with the printing materials first. Because of the big difference in the price of the raw materials used to produce and make magazine printing products, as a manufacturer of tydskrif druk China, if you can choose the most cost-effective printing production materials, you can greatly reduce the production cost of magazine printing. This is one of the most important methods and countermeasures to reduce magazine printing.


eerstely, pay attention when choosing the paper opening. If the selection is unreasonable, it will increase the material and increase the cost of the magazine. Therefore, try to choose the appropriate format to reduce the cost.


tweedely, it is the paper material. The fashion magazines we read are all heavy paper. Therefore, the reasonable selection of paper materials is very important to reduce the cost of magazine printing. Magazines generally use 52~80g paper, monochrome generally use 60g writing paper, and color generally use 80g double edition paper.


THirdly, the choice of binding materials, which can be replaced by tough paper or cloth, and bronzing can be replaced by anodized aluminum foil to reduce the cost of the magazine.


Vierdely, when choosing a printing process, readers will consider whether the magazine’s content design and cover design are attractive when purchasing magazines, and whether the magazine’s price is reasonable. Therefore, publishers that produce magazines should also consider producing high-quality magazines. Consider how to reduce magazine printing costs and improve market competitiveness.


Considering the above points, improve the quality of magazines and shorten the production cycle to reduce the cost of magazine printing. This requires drukkers in China to create favorable conditions in every link, try to avoid errors in the printing work, not only to ensure the quality of the magazine, but also to produce goedkoop tydskrif drukwerk.