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Spot UV

Spot UV is UV coating technology that is only used on a specific area of printed product. It is named for its selective glazing of printed graphics use UV coating with high brightness, transparency and wear resistance. While highlighting the theme of the layout, it also improves the surface decoration effect of printed matter.

spot UV

Spot UV can be applied after laminating, or directly coated on the printed matter. But in order to highlight the effect of spot UV, it is generally carried out after the printed matter is coated. And most of them are covered with matte lamination, accounting for about 80% of spot UV coating products.

Spot UV is one of the most popular process to make your printed product more stand out. When design your artwork, you can set up the spot UV area for anywhere you want to stand out. Spot UV not only can use on the cover, also can use on the inner page. Spot UV can be used in books, catalogs, cards, package, etc. Spot UV can also used with embossing, to make your specific area more stand out.