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Sew And Perfect Binding

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Sew And Perfect Binding

sew perfect binding

What is sew and perfect binding?

In sew perfect binding, pages are printed, folded, and assembled into their proper page order, and the pages are sewn together and then glued into a cover. Sew perfect binding include sewing and gluing in the final product. Compared to perfect binding, sewn perfect binding can open more flatter, so much less content is lost in the gutter between pages.

The difference between perfect binding and sew perfect binding

perfect binding VS sewn perfect binding

1. Binding way is different

Perfect binding-A form of binding in which the pages of a printed matter are fixed to the spine by glue.

Sew perfect binding-A form of binding in which the pages are threaded together and then glued to secure the pages of the printed matter to the spine.

2. Compared to perfect binding, the books with sew perfect binding, can open much flatter and more durable.

3. Production time and cost is different

The production time of perfect binding often shorter 3-5 days than sew perfect binding. The cost of sew perfect binding is higher than perfect binding.

4. Page counts limited is different

Perfect binding often suitable for the books between 8-100 pages. But with sew perfect binding,the pages must more than 20 pages.

Using perfect binding or sew perfect binding, it depends on the paper type and thickness, page counts. Such as, if a book of about 200 pages is printed on coated paper and bound with perfect binding, the book is not strong. And it may fall apart after being held back and forth several times. If print black-and-white books, such as text books, usually use light weight paper, or offset paper, and the page counts is less than 400 pages. Then using perfect binding can achieve a very strong effect. 

The production time of sew perfect binding

The sew perfect binding book production time often needs 12-18 days. Please see our lead time to see how much time for your project will depend on your proofing and printing requirement.