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Paper Bag Printing

Paper bag is very popular in a variety of package market. BookPrintingChina has over 20 years of package printing experience and State-of-the-art equipment. Because of low MOQ, affordable price and high quality, we have become the first choice of many domestic and foreign customers. If you are looking for optimal package printer to custom print paper bag, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What kind of paper for paper bag printing?


The main materials of paper bags are: white cardboard, Kraft paper, black cardboard, coated paper and special paper.

1. Advantages of white cardboard:solid, durable, good smoothness, rich printed colors. We often use 210g,230g,300g white cardboard to custom paper bags.


2.The advantages of the coated paper:the whiteness and gloss are very good, and it can make the pictures and pictures show a three-dimensional effect during printing. Nut its firmness is not as good as the white cardboard. We often use 128-300g coated paper to custom paper bag printing.


3. The advantages of Kraft paper:it has high toughness and firmness, and is not easy to tear. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some single-color or two-color paper bags that are not rich in color. Commonly used sizes are: 120-300g.


4. The advantages of black cardboard:solid and durable, the color is black, because the black cardboard itself is black. Its biggest disadvantage is that it cannot print colors, but it can be used for bronzing, and other processes.


Common size for custom paper bag


130x90x30mm, 150x100x30mm, 150x110x30mm, 190x135x50mm, 200x145x50mm, 200x150x50mm, 300x200x60mm, 320x230x60mm, 320x240x60mm, 390x290x60mm, 440x320x60mm, 450x340x60mm, 600x420x80mm, 650x450x80mm, 700x480x80mm, etc.



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