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Manga Printing

Manga printing, also known as comic printing. The manga is an art form. Manga are pictures that depict life or current events in a simple and exaggerated manner. Manga generally uses the methods of suggestion, deformation, metaphor, symbolism and innuendo. It formed a humorous picture or group of pictures to achieve the effect of satire or praise.

As a painting work, manga has gone through a development process. From the beginning as a hobby of a few people, to become a common reading for people, and especially favored by students. Many people have become manga lovers. In recent years, the leading works of manga are generally Japanese manga and American manga.

BookPrintingChina as the leading book printing company in China. We always provide many types of quality manga printing services for publishers. Like saddle stitch manga printing, prefect binding manga printing, hardcover manga printing, custom slipcase manga, manga board book printing, etc. For the manga printing paper material, we also offer a variety of options. How to select the paper for your printing your own manga? Please refer this paper selection post.

Except for the printing services, we also provide artwork file checking and fixing services. To make sure each client print manga in BookPrintingChina is high quality and special. About the book size, binding way, surface finishing, etc. We also can give you some suggestions. Want to know what size is suitable for your manga or get some ideas to print your manga, please click manga printing guide or contact our experts. Select us to custom print your manga. You will be happy with our price and quality.

Watch this short video for an introduction about hot manga binding type and see how you can make your manga printing project in professional quality.

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