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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is also known as foil stamping, which is a finish process, which using a color metallic foil placed on the paper surface and dry. Usually, the process is heating and pressure to transfer the color metallic foil on the paper. Foil stamping is widely used on book cover and package. Like high-end notebook, business cards,package boxes, hardcover book cover,etc.The most popular color for foil stamping are gold foil and sliver foil. We also can provide other color options.

foil stamping color options

The advantage of foil stamping:

Hot stamping can not only express the concave and convex changes of the pattern, but also make the graphic and text present a metal relief-like texture. And make the hot stamping graphic and text jump out of the plane, and bring a stronger visual impact. Foil stamping can be cominbed with embossing together on the cover surface. Like below case.

foil stamping and embossing