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Board Book Printing

board book printing

Custom Board Book Printing Service


BookPrintingChina offers high-quality board book printing services for publishers and self-publishers, independent creators and so on.  We provide various of high quality board book printing service, such as hardcover board book printing, puzzle board book printing, pop up board book, etc. Board book printing as one of the hottest printing projects in our company with many advantages.


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What's a board book? Board book is a book that each page is made of two sheets of thicker cardboard and then self cover or hardcover are glued together to be a book. Board book usually designed for the children whose age between 0-4 years old. Board book often use specialized board book binding and is different from the normal children's books. The board book is thicker and more durable than them.


Paper Stock for Board Book

paper for board book printing

Coated one-side paper is commonly used for board book printing because it offers a good balance between print quality and durability. The coated side provides a smooth, even surface for printing crisp and vibrant images, while the uncoated side provides a surface that is more receptive to glue and binding. This makes it easier to successfully bind the pages of a board book without cracking or tearing the paper.

Additionally, coated one-side paper is more resistant to moisture and stains, which is important for a book that will be handled frequently and by young children who may spill liquids or food on it. The lamination can also provide some protection against scratching, which can help to extend the life of the book.

Overall, coated one-side paper is a good choice for board book printing because it offers both high-quality printing results and added durability for a book that will be used repeatedly by young children.

Usually, the most popular paper weight for custom board books are 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm C1S paper, 2mm,2.5mm, 3mm gray board,etc. The paper weight often depend on your personal choice.


Board Book Size

The standard size of board books printing can vary depending on the publisher, but there are several common sizes that are widely used in the industry. Here are some of the standard board book sizes:

square board book

Square size

6x 6 inches

8x 8 inches

8.5 x 8.5 inches

Square sizes are popular for board books designed for infants, toddlers, and young children. The square format allows for equal space to display illustrations and text, making it ideal for books with simple designs or illustrations.

portrait board book

Portrait size:

5 x 7 inches

6 x 8 inches

6x 9 inches

Portrait sizes are taller than they are wide and are often used for custom board books that have more complex illustrations or longer stories.

landscape board book

Landscape size:

7 x 5 inches

8 x 6 inches

9x 6 inches

Landscape sizes are wider than they are tall and are often used for board books that have panoramic illustrations or for books with multiple images across a spread.

It's important to note that board book sizes can vary depending on the publisher or the specific book project. Publishers may choose to customize the size of their board books to suit their specific needs and target audience. Ultimately, the size of a board book depends on the intended audience, content, and design of the book. Usually, the prefect board book size is between 4-10 inches.


Board Book Binding

There are two common types of board book binding: self-cover board book binding and hardcover board book binding.

self cover board book

Self-cover board book binding:

In this type of binding, the pages and cover of the board book are made from the same material. The cover is usually printed on thicker board stock to provide extra durability. The inner pages are then printed on the same thickness of cardboard, typically laminated with a protective layer. The binding process is that each page is mounted together with two sheet of paper and then glued on cardboard cover to be a book.

hard cover board bookHardcover board book binding:

This type of binding involves adding a hard cover to the board book, which cover is the same as the normal hard cover. Then each inner page are mounted together with two sheet of paper. Finally, attached to the hardcover using a case binding method. This method also provides extra durability and protection for the board book, but the cost will higher than self cover board book binding.

Both self-cover and hardcover board book bindings have their benefits and drawbacks. Self-cover bindings are more cost-effective and easier to handle, while hardcover bindings offer greater protection, durability and high-end outlook. The choice of binding ultimately depends on the specific needs and goals of the board book project.


Board Book Finishes

Custom board book printing is a popular type of printing used for children's books and other publications that require a sturdy and durable book construction. There are various printing crafts that are used in the process of custom printing a board book, which includes round corner, lamination, spot UV, die-cut, and many more.

round corner board bookRound corner:

Round corner printing is a process whereby the corners of the book are rounded to achieve a more finished and professional look. Not only does it create a safe and beautiful finish, but it also protects the book from any damages or tearing. Board books often with rounded corners to avoid scratching young children's immature hands.


glossy/matte board book printing


Lamination is a process of applying a thin layer of film on the board book covers and inner pages, protecting them from wear and tear and increasing their longevity. Lamination enhances the book's design and gives it a glossy or matte finish depending upon the material used.


spot uv board book

Spot UV:

Spot UV printing is a technique that adds a shiny and glossy effect to a particular area of the book. This technique is mostly used to highlight the book's title, images, or other critical information. This effect gives a more stylish look to the book and draws the attention of the reader to the right places.


die cut board book


Die-cutting is a printing technique used to cut a specific shape or design into the board book. Typically, the die-cutting shapes in children's books are animals, letters, or other related shapes. It provides a more interactive experience for the child as they can play with the book and use their creativity to match the characters.


More finishing, please click here.

Board books are vital for children's development, and using high-quality materials, printing techniques, and creative designs can make the reading experience more enjoyable, fun, and interactive.


Board Book Design and Artwork Tips

Here are some tips for designing and creating artwork for board books:

Board book design tips:

  • Keep it simple: Board books are meant for very young children, so keep the designs and illustrations simple and easy to understand. Use bold, bright colors and avoid cluttering each page with too much information.
  • Size matters: Keep in mind that board books are typically smaller than regular picture books. Make sure your artwork is appropriately sized to fit the pages of the book.
  • Textures and Materials: Experiment with different textures and materials when creating your artwork. Children love touching and feeling different surfaces, and incorporating this into your design can make your board book stand out.
  • Consider age-appropriateness: Think about the developmental stage of your target audience when creating your artwork. Younger children may respond better to high-contrast images and simple shapes, while older children may enjoy more detailed illustrations.
  • Test it out: Once you have finished your artwork, test it out on some actual children within your target age range. This will give you valuable feedback and help you make any necessary adjustments before printing and publishing your board book.

Remember, creating artwork for a board book is all about engaging young readers and creating an enjoyable reading experience.

Board book printing file tips

Preparing a file for board book printing requires specific guidelines to ensure the pages are printed correctly. Here are some steps to follow when preparing a file for board book printing:

design software

Start with the right software

Use professional design software such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to create your design. These programs are commonly used in the printing industry and will provide the necessary tools to produce high-quality artwork.



Set up your document

Create a new document with the correct dimensions of your board book. Board books typically measure around 6 x 6 inches, with about 8-20 pages. Make sure to add bleed (extra margin around the edges) to avoid any white space or cutting errors. Bleed often seting 3mm(0.125 inches).


DPI for printing

Design each page

Create each page of your board book design individually. Keep in mind that board books are meant for very young children, so use clear, simple designs and bold, bright colors. Besides, please ensure to use high quality pictures (lowest 300DPI).


pdf format for printing

Save your file

Save your final design as a high-resolution PDF file. This format is common in the printing industry and will ensure that your file is ready for printing.


Once you have created your file, submit it to your printer following their specific file submission guidelines. Be sure to include any necessary instructions and details, such as paper type and binding method.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your file is print-ready and meets all necessary requirements for high quality board book printing.

Both board book binding and hardcover are widely used in children's book field. Board book vs hardcover? Which is better? Or if you want to learn about the board book design and printing ideas, you can click here. If you still no ideas for custom your own board book, please contact sales@bookprintingchina.com.


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