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The difference of paper in book printing

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1. The difference in texture between single bond paper and bond paper

As a dialectical negative view, the coated paper chosen by customers has a relatively high haze, but it is still worse than the coated paper in grams. In addition, in terms of hardness, the hardness of textured paper is also higher, and it will not be easily deformed with ordinary coated paper.

In addition, the price of matte paper is more expensive. From the perspective of cost, matte paper is generally used in black areas, while light yellow paper is generally coated paper or copper paper.

2. The difference in appearance between matte paper and coated paper

Coated paper is made by applying a layer of white paint on the original self-adhesive paper, and then paint with water-based paint. Its greater feature is the mean free path of paper, which is very smooth compared to ordinary paper. In addition, there are relatively high requirements for haze. Calculating such characteristics, when the light is blocked, the coated paper will have a more obvious rust effect.

At the objective truth level, matte paper should also belong to a type of coated paper. Its official name is "Millet 6 blue coated paper" or "matte coated paper". Compared with coated paper, matte paper is more high-end. The difference between the two is that there is no obvious water stains. Although the effect of the matte paper property test system is not as clear as the copperplate paper, the matte paper poetry is booming in terms of fineness.

3.The difference between matte paper and gray cardboard

As the various characteristics of matte paper are better than those of coated paper, the price of matte paper is higher than that of coated paper.


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