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Design documents based on printing principles, do you know what printing CMYK is?

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Printing is divided into offset printing, gravure printing, and letterpress printing. Today, China Printing Company focuses on the flat offset printing of pictures, books, color boxes, manuals, paper bags, color page posters and other printed materials.


Flat offset printing is based on the four colors of CMYK (blue, red, yellow, and black). 4 plates are printed on the paper by 4 rollers and then superimposed to print the color colors. The printing principle is to use the fountain solution roller, printing The pressure of the plate cylinder, blanket cylinder and pressure cylinder is used to impress the paper on the paper. Therefore, in the early stage, when making design files, try to use vector files as much as possible. If it is a picture, choose CMYK mode instead of RGB mode. This is helpful for us to perform color separation when publishing, and the superimposed colors will be more beautiful when printing on the machine.


Especially for photo book printing, photo book printing and color box printing, in order to maximize the design effect, experienced designers will make documents based on the printing and publishing and craftsmanship in the subsequent printing and production process, including Pantone. Color treatment, special gold and silver treatment, UV processing, bronzing processing, embossing processing, etc. Especially for packaging boxes to print documents, some post-processes are often done. If these processes are not done, the printing plant will have to do a new pre-press process before printing on the machine. If it is not a vector file but a picture, some craftsmanship cannot be done. So choosing a professional China printing company is really important.